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Information management system

I. Pipeline construction management system:

The rapid development of IT and geographic information technologies has changed the management idea and method of traditional pipeline construction. In face of the increasingly higher national requirement for environmental protection, safety, etc., using advanced information technology and management means to realize fine and scientific management of pipeline construction is a difficult problem that must be solved during pipeline construction. The pipeline construction management information system combines many years of pipeline construction experience and uses IT, internet and geographic information technologies to improve pipeline construction management level and efficiency.

II. Pipeline production and operation management system:

Long-distance pipeline has features of long distance, complicated terrain along the way, and involvement of natural reserves and area of dense population. It involves geologically sensitive areas along the pipeline, such as earthquake fault, landslide, mudslide, seasonal river, etc. Plenty of drawings, geological and equipment data, along with employees distributed along the way, make it more difficult to manage. With the continuous development of compute and network technologies, it becomes increasingly difficult for the traditional pipeline management model to meet the needs of long-distance pipeline management. The production and operation management system based on network, database and software technologies changes the traditional production management model, improves management efficiency and level, and provides effective management means for guaranteeing safe and smooth running of long-distance pipeline.